International Hotel- Gotime Terms & Conditions

These terms are in addition to the General Terms of Use & Service as mentioned above. All the terms herein shall have the same meaning as defined therein unless specifically modified, altered, amended or changed herein.

GoTime Promise Details: 

As a customer delight feature, Goibibo has introduced the 'Go Time Promise' for International Hotels that are Gostay Certified. Under the 'Go Time Promise' feature, Goibibo will provide a resolution for all the queries raised on Gostay Hotels within 29 minutes ("GoTime"). In case Goibibo fails to meet the GoTime Promise timeline of resolution in 29 minutes, the customer will receive a Gopass worth INR 3000 for 1st hour of Delay and post that for every subsequent delay of 6 hours a Gopass worth 3000 will be issued for a booking. 

GoTime Promise: Eligibility and other terms:

  • Applicable only for Gostay Certified International Hotels

  • Applicable only for the Hotels booked to travel outside the territory of India.

  • Refund GoTime processing shall start post successful cancellation of booking in Goibibo. For other Booking queries apart from refund, GoTime shall start from acknowledgement of the issue by Goibibo and end with successful resolution.

  • For Refund Gotime, resolution would be considered as soon as the refund is successfully processed from Goibibo’ s end

  • For Non Refundable Bookings, Resolution will depend on the discretion of the Hotel  which will be taken as the final resolution for the query raised
  • Company’s decision with regard to the calculation of GoTime and in case of delay and issuance of Gopass, shall be final, binding and indisputable.

  • Gopass/es issued in case of delay in meeting GoTime Promise by Goibibo per Booking shall not exceed the value of the Booking.

  • Gopass can be used only on selected International Hotels.

  • Company reserves the right to discontinue GoTime Promise at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever.

  • The reflection of the refund amount in customer’s bank account shall be subject to customer’s bank’s policy for refund cases.

  • Multiple Gopass Code might be issued per booking depending upon the value of Gopass to be issued as per delay in resolution given.

  • 1 Gopass can be used only once to book on Goibibo on selected International Hotel.

  • In case 1 Gopass issued is not utilized completely in a single booking, the remaining amount in Gopass will be forfeited and cannot be utilized for any further booking

GoTime Promise shall not be applicable in the following cases:

  • For Cancellation scenario Cancellation of booking after due date.

  • If the refund amount against cancellation of a booking sums up to zero or less;

  • Refund arising out of amendment in a booking

  • Booking made through Company’s Business Partners. (HDFC Smart Buy, Kotak Mobile App, Citi PremierMiles, Apps Daily, Samsung Galaxy Platform)

  • Pay at Hotel bookings.


Company powers to add to the list of exceptions where Gopass compensations are exempt.